re-sharpening payment


This is the payment page for resharpening.

*This page will be available for purchase after receiving a quote. 

Click here for the resharpening quote page


The estimated resharpening costs are as follows.

Price list
Type of knife resharpening Price
Yanagiba knife ¥1,800~
Deba knife ¥1,800~
Gyuto knife ¥1,500〜
Sujihiki knife ¥1,500~
petty knife ¥1,000〜
Santoku knife ¥1,200〜
Chips up to 5mm +¥500〜
Chips of 5mm or more +¥1,000〜



*Payment is only available by card.
*Please pay the shipping fee when shipping to us.
*Resharpening costs will vary depending on the condition of the knife.
*For those who purchase on our site, if you include the coupon included in the package at the time of purchase, the labor charge and return shipping will be free.

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