Santoku knife made in Tanegashima, White paper No.1, cherry pattern


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This is a knife used when filleting fish.
While a typical deba knife is single-edged, this knife is double-edged.
It is made with a double-edged blade, so it can be used by either hand.
Therefore, even left-handed people can use it without any discomfort.

This is a black-finished knife made in Tanegashima.
Designated as a traditional craft of Kagoshima, along with the seed scissors which do not require resharpening, this is a masterpiece that has been produced using the same blacksmithing techniques since the introduction of firearms.


Material: Yasugi steel, white paper No. 1

Finish: Black finish

Pattern: Cherry blossom


This is a double-edged steel knife. Steel is often avoided because it rusts easily, but the black finish makes it rust-resistant. The blade length is 150 mm, making it easy to use in the average household. It is the perfect size for filleting fish such as horse mackerel and sea bream.

Tanegashima is where firearms were introduced from Portugal in 1543.
Additionally, since high-quality iron sand has been produced here since ancient times, it has also been a place where blacksmithing techniques have developed.
Today, two brothers are skilled craftsmen who work in that area every day, producing knives and scissors.
Please try out our Tane knives, which have been developed based on tradition and skill.

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