[2024] Marche opening in May

I am Okudaira, the owner of "Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU''.
We want to sell knives made in our hometown of Sakai, Osaka, so we purchase and sell knives made in Sakai from a knife manufacturer in Sakai.
We don't just sell knives, we visit a number of blacksmiths and bladesmiths in Sakai to help our customers understand knives, experience the actual work, and hear from the craftsmen. I'm here. In addition to Sakai, we also visit Seki in Gifu, Tsubame-Sanjo in Niigata, Tanegashima in Kagoshima and Katsushika in Tokyo, in an effort to deepen our understanding of the characteristics and commitment of each.


Marche opening in May

On May 12th, we opened our first store at the msb Tamachi market.
There were customers waiting to get their knives sharpened before the store even opened, and it was a day that made me realize once again how high the demand for knives is.
Throughout the entire day, I was busy sharpening knives without interruption, receiving requests for resharpening.
I sharpened a total of 11 knives, most of which were stainless steel Santoku knives commonly used at home.
Most of the knives were not in the best condition, but the only one with a chip was the first customer's, so I thought everyone was using them carefully.
Some customers brought in two or three knives at a time, so I thought they knew they couldn't cut, but didn't know how to sharpen them, so they thought, "I might as well bring them all together."
In fact, when sharpening knives, I realize that the state and sensation of what "sharpness" is varies from person to person.
If you don't know how to use a knife properly, you won't understand its true sharpness and you'll end up feeling like it's not cutting. This is what worries us the most when we sharpen knives.
I cook every day using knives that I have sharpened myself, but it is precisely because I am able to sharpen the knives myself that I feel that they have become dull and it feels strange when I am cutting ingredients.
I think that if someone who doesn't normally sharpen their knives uses the knife that I feel has lost its sharpness to cut food, they will probably feel that it is a very sharp knife.
When you have your knife sharpened, we will ask you what kind of ingredients you usually cut. This is because the way the blade is sharpened changes depending on the ingredients you are cutting.
The customers who came to have their knives sharpened this time were all home cooks who didn't often fillet fish or cut blocks of meat, so we performed the usual resharpening work. However, even with the same Santoku knife, it can be better to attach the blade differently depending on how you use it, especially the small blade.
Another thing I thought was that if they used higher-grade knives, "the food would taste even better." I'm not saying that the knives they brought were bad, but there were a few that I thought would be difficult to maintain in good condition for a long time even after resharpening, so instead of taking the trouble to have them resharpened and using them with care, I thought it would be better to buy a slightly better knife and use it for 20 or 30 years, which would make cooking more fun and improve the taste.
"Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU'' will be at mst Tamachi again in June .
If you're in the area, please drop by even if it's just to come and look at the knives.

msb Marche
June 23 ( Sun ) 11:00 ~ 17:00
Knife sharpening requests are accepted until 1 hour before closing time.


Let's go to a knife store!

If you don't understand it until you see it, go to a knife store and try holding a knife. However, most stores do not allow you to try cutting the knife, so you cannot check the sharpness before purchasing.

"Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU'' does not have a store, but we set up stalls at events, so please feel free to stop by if we have one in your area.If there is no knife specialty store nearby, it is a good idea to purchase from an online knife specialty store.

"Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU'' has posted a video showing the actual cutting process, so please use it as reference.

Sakaitoku Knife - YouTube

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