Now selling seed knives!

"Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU" has started selling Tane Knives, a traditional craft of Kagoshima.
At the same time that guns were introduced to Tanegashima in 1543, scissors were introduced to Tanegashima.
Kitchen knives began to be made on Tanegashima by applying the forging techniques used for guns and scissors.
Tanegashima, where a large amount of iron sand was obtained, had many blacksmiths and developed manufacturing technology.
It is said that the more you use scissors, which are made by caulking two pieces of steel, the more the blade will become sharp, and it is said that there is no need to resharpen it.
Tane knives are made by craftsmen who have the skills to make these scissors using their blacksmithing skills.
Tane scissors and Tane knives are designated as Kagoshima's traditional crafts.
This knife is extremely sharp, and has a black knife with Yasugi Shirogami No. 1 inserted into the blade. The blade part is made of steel, so it is prone to rust, but since it is black-plated, the parts other than the blade are made to be rust-resistant.
The cherry blossom pattern is light and easy to hold even for women.
It is also used by many people locally as a sharp knife.
This product is also suitable as a gift.
This time, we have started selling a 180mm Santoku knife that can be used as an all-purpose knife.
At Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU, we plan to gradually add knives from Tanegashima, which has ties to Sakai, to our lineup.
In order to preserve blacksmithing techniques, we will continue to sell seed knives.


Seed knives can be purchased on the "Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU" mail order site.