[2024] Opening an open-air market

I am Okudaira, the owner of "Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU''.
We want to sell knives made in our hometown of Sakai, Osaka, so we purchase and sell knives made in Sakai from a knife manufacturer in Sakai.
We don't just sell knives, we visit a number of blacksmiths and bladesmiths in Sakai to help our customers understand knives, experience the actual work, and hear from the craftsmen. I'm here. In addition to Sakai, we also visit Seki in Gifu, Tsubame-Sanjo in Niigata, Tanegashima in Kagoshima and Katsushika in Tokyo, in an effort to deepen our understanding of the characteristics and commitment of each.


Open-air market stall

"Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU'' does not currently have a physical store.
However, we have received inquiries on Facebook and Instagram from people wanting to see the knives in person.
That's why we have decided to set up a stall at the open-air market held at msb marche in Tamachi, Minato Ward, Tokyo.
The open-air market is held on the second and fourth Sundays and Mondays of every month.
This time, "Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU'' will be exhibiting from 11:00 to 17:00 on Sunday , May 12th .
We are hoping to continue setting up shop on a regular basis from June onwards, so if you are thinking of buying a knife in the future, but not right away, please feel free to stop by and have a look, even if you just want to talk to us.
We also offer resharpening services, so even if the knife is not a "Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU'' knife, if you have any knives at home that you feel have lost their sharpness, please feel free to bring them to us.
We aim to return your knives to you on the same day, but if it takes time or there are many knives to be sharpened and we are unable to return them on the same day, we may have to send them by mail at a later date. Please understand this.
In addition to knives, we also sell cutting boards, whetstones, and knife case, so please come and take a look.


Let's go to a knife store!

If you don't understand it until you see it, go to a knife store and try holding a knife. However, most stores do not allow you to try cutting the knife, so you cannot check the sharpness before purchasing.
If you don't have a store that sells knives near you, it's best to purchase from a knife specialty store's mail order site.

"Japanese Kitchen Knife TOKU" has a video showing the actual cutting process, so please use it as a reference.

Sakaitoku Knife - YouTube


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